Simple Magick Candle Spells

Mix the four oils, coriander, jasmine, myrrh and petitgrain. Add it into the
bottle filled with sweet almond and jojoba oil to make the Astarte Oil. Also add
the rose water if desired.
Carve the figure candle with your name and any other affirmations, dates,
dreams, etc.

Dress the candle with the Astarte oil. Give more attention to the lower
abdominal areas that represent the uterus and reproductive organs.
Roll the candle in henna powder.
Burn the candle. Visualize holding the baby in your arms and rocking back and
forth, feeding, dressing, bathing, hugging and kissing her/him.
O precious goddess Astarte,
With one mind, we call to thee.
With one heart, we long for thee
Child of Earth, Wind, Fire & Sea
In to our lives, we welcome thee
Allow the candle to burn out. Hang some fragrant basil boughs above your bed for
successful conception.
Peppermint Healing spell
Gather the following:
1 bunch peppermint leaves
1 photograph of the person who is ailing
A blue candle

Charge and dress the candle with healing oil. Place the peppermint leaves on the
photograph. Light the candle and sit in meditation while it burns. Imagine the
ill person slowly recovering,, energized and ready to take on the challenges of

When the candle has burned out, throw away the peppermint leaves. Repeat spell
if necessary.

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