Free Magick Healing Spells

Here is another healing spell:

Get a blue candle and some eucalyptus or mint oil. Again, take a nice, purification bath and meditate for some time. As your mind calms down and allows you to visualize clearly, see the person you wish to heal sitting down calmly and smiling at you and the rest of their family.

With a blunt knife or Athame, carve the name of the sick person on the candle. Slowly anoint the candle with the healing eucalyptus or mint oil while chanting:

Oil that heals, heal whole and complete

Keep repeating the chant until all the oil has been used to anoint the candle and work the spell. Now light the candle and close your eyes. As the aroma of the healing oil permeates the atmosphere, visualize the person who needs healing enjoying the outdoors, walking and talking with family and friends. Be as positive as you can. If negative thoughts enter your mind, instantly change them to positive ones. Miracles have happened to a lot of people. So even there is only a remote possibility of healing, do not lose hope.

Hope and prayers have done more than doctors and medicines ever have. Our spirit is the most powerful healer of all times!

Brightest Blessings.

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