Green Witchcraft – An Overview

Tools of the Craft

Real Green Witches do not buy tools at all. Like the Hedgewitches, they favor making their own. They believe that by making your own tools from the materials found freely in nature, you will be better attuned to your tools and that the tools will be better attuned to nature in return. It is for this reason that indigenous materials are preferred above all else. When wood is needed, you are not likely to find a Green Witch sawing away at a branch. They use fallen branches instead.

Whilst most of the tools used in Green Witchcraft are the same as those used in the other traditions, there are two that are different, namely the chalice and the stang. The chalice is generally a horn instead of a cup. The stang is a type of staff. The only difference is that the top of the stang forms an upward pointing V. By planting the stang in the soil, the Green Witch has something like a mobile altar. The horn and so forth can be hung from it during ritual.


The Deities of the Green Witch would generally be those of the woodlands and the forests. These would normally include Cernunnos, Pan, The Horned God, The God of the Wild Hunt, the Green Man, Faunus, Fauna, Flora, Cerridwen, Dianna and Gaia, amongst others.


The flexibility of Green Witchcraft necessarily means that ritual is flexible too. The rituals of Green Witches that follow other mainstream traditions will be in line with those prescribed by these traditions. If only Green Witchcraft is practiced, to the exclusion of all else, the ritual will normally be fairly ‘loose’ and spontaneous. Much like the nature of Nature!

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