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On Spells and Parental Approval

This is the opportune moment to briefly touch on the topic of spells. Yes, many of the Teen Seekers out there have a really strong desire to cast spells to make life a touch easier. This would include spells to cause an improvement in grades, attracting a specific boy / girl and causing that drop-dead gorgeous cheerleader all the guys are drooling about to break out in a really nasty crust of zits.

No. It is not going to happen. We differentiate between White-, Grey- and Black Magick. Real Witches only do White magick. That means harming none and that also means not doing any spell that manipulates the free will of another. It means thinking a spell through from all angles before performing it because a white magick spell can turn into grey and then into black if you are not careful. Here is a classic example:

Joan needs money. She performs a spell to obtain money. A perfectly acceptable white magick practice. However, she does not specify where she wants to obtain the extra money from i.e. increase at work, a better paying job, winning the lotto etc. This makes her spell grey. The very next week her mother dies and she inherits money. This makes her spell a black magick spell. Do you see the danger?
Now, if you can live with the idea that Witches have rules that they obey; that they do not perform negative deeds or cast grey and black magick spells; that they respect others and their belief systems; and that they take responsibility for all their actions, you are 25% of the way there. If you are prepared to study in order to acquire the skill and if you have the necessary self-discipline to persevere, you are 50% there.

So, how do we get the other 50% done and dusted? By training. That is all. There are two ways of training. The one is in a coven and the other is self-study. Both are perfectly acceptable depending on your parents’ feeling about all of this. If your parents approve, join a coven. Not just any old coven, mind you. Choose a coven you know performs White Witchcraft ONLY. Karmically speaking, it is a whole lot better for you. If you are not comfortable with a Coven, go and buy Silver Ravenwolf’s Teen Witch ISBN 156718725-0. It is a great book!

If your parents do not approve, it is a much more difficult situation. Firstly, you are under 18 and considered a minor by law. Your parents are in charge. Secondly, if you are still adamant to become a Witch, start practicing the bit that says honor and respect you elders and that includes your parents. Do not go against their wishes, it is not worth the heartache and the subsequent trauma. Understand why they are feeling the way they do and accept it.

This acceptance does however not stop you from saying a prayer to the Goddess and God, lighting incense, making offerings of fruit or burying crystals in the earth. It also does not stop you from abiding by the Wiccan Rules and doing all sorts of little things in order to pay tribute to Them. When you turn 18, you will be legally considered an adult and can then commence you training without the previous restraints. Also bear in mind that a life time of the Craft will await you.

To conclude

‘Merry Meet and Merry Part, Bright of Cheek and Warm of Heart. Merry Meet and Merry Part ‘til Merry Meet again.’

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