How To Honor Your Wicca Deity

Beltane is usually celebrated as May Day in recent decades. In some areas of the world, this marked the beginning of the summer season when farm animals are allowed to graze on the pastures that have returned after the cold winter season. Bonfires are lit on mountains and hills and houses are decorated with May Boughs and May bushes. The cattle are sometimes driven through the bonfires to purify them. Sometimes the people themselves run through the bonfires to cleanse and energize themselves to be more productive through the year. Wiccans usually celebrate Beltane as a ritual reunion of the Goddess (the Lady) and God. The focus is usually on fertility which symbolizes more produce, increased livestock and the resulting increased prosperity.

Midsummer celebrations are conducted around the summer solstice because ancient cultures believed that mid-summer plants had miraculous and healing powers if they are picked on this night. Bonfires are lit to protect the people from undesirable or evil powers that were believed to roam around the land. This festival is also sometimes celebrated as a sacrifice time for the sake of fertility and prosperity of the land. This holiday is celebrated in many parts of the world including

Lughnasadh is also a sabbat celebrated by Wiccans as well as pagans to celebrate the start of autumn or the harvest season. This celebration is marked by the harvest of fruits, community gatherings, festivals, etc. The Celtics believed that God Lugh or Goddess Carmun started this tradition. Dancing around bonfires as well as ritual blessing of the fields for the bountiful harvests are the usual ways to celebrate this festival.

Mabon is another festival that is usually held around the end of September. This symbolizes gratitude or thanksgiving for the fruits of the earth. This signifies the end of the harvest season and a corn dolly would be created and paraded through the village. This doll is then drenched with water to ensure good rains for the next year.

As we can see, Wiccans do not worship the Goddess and God; they celebrate Nature in all its glory while thanking the Deities for their continued guidance for enabling this bounty.

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