How Different Woods Effect Magick Wands

The Hawthorn Tree is associated with Beltane. Traditionally Beltane was celebrated on the first day the Hawthorne blossomed. At Beltane the Goddess and God consummate their love and as a result the Goddess falls pregnant. The Hawthorn is also believed to be under the direct protection of the Faerie Folk. As a result, it was frowned upon if a Hawthorn was cut and the belief was held that felling the tree would result in very bad luck. Witches / Wiccans consider the Hawthorn a sacred tree. A Wand fashioned from Hawthorne can be used to enhance the results of the following types of spells:

1. Love
Use a wand made from Hawthorn to make spells relating to love more potent. Remember that the Hawthorn requires some patience, so total concentration and focus will be necessary when casting spells using a Hawthorne Wand. To strengthen the spell, also use the wand to cast the circle.

2. Fertility
The Hawthorn wand can be used both for spells to cure infertility and to enhance fertility. When a spell is cast for the latter, the results may come surprisingly quickly. As with the love spells, state your intent clearly and focus completely. This wand is excellent for fertility type spells.

Each type of wood vibrates at a different level. They key to selecting the right wand with which to perform effective magick lies in choosing a wood which vibrates closest to the type of magickal outcome you wish to achieve. If in doubt, stick to oak. I have noticed that there are many wand makers nowadays who use and Oak wand, which is tinted to achieve the color of Ash or Elder or Maple. Whilst it is really pretty, those of you buying these wands have to bear in mind that the color of the wand has nothing to do with the actual vibration. A Maple colored Oak wand will vibrate as an Oak wand – nothing more, nothing less.

Wands need not cost much. A fallen branch can be fashioned into a beautiful wand with a little effort. Many Witches / Wiccans believe that an instrument of magick shaped by one’s own hands have more power than one that is bought. So, perhaps that is something well worth considering.

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  1. Diana S says:

    Do you know which woods would be best for gray magic? and what they’re for? also, does the shape have an effect on the wand as well?

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