How Does Magick Relate to Wicca?

Magick has several ingredients, the three most important of which are:

* It requires engagement with nature (which comprises of all those bounteous gifts offered to humankind by the grace of Deity),
* It requires application of will (with Free Will one of the rare treasures afforded to humankind), and
* Connecting with Deity (form of worship).

The fusion of these three ingredients manifests change – both in the practitioner and that which he or she aimed to affect.

Magick is practiced in a Circle. Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that a Circle is sacred space. It is an area where we invite Deity to attend and where we request Them to partake in a ritual held in their honor. So what does this have to do with Magick? Actually, everything. Allow me to explain. When you offer a special and precious gift to your partner or your child with love, you would expect them to treasure it and to appreciate it by interacting with it in some way. If they do not, you will probably feel al little hurt and sad. Deity offered us the wherewithal to perform Magick. It is Their precious gift to us. If we shun the gift, it is perhaps disrespectful and ungrateful behavior on our part.

It is a bit of a contradiction in point to call oneself a Wiccan but be un-Wiccan in one’s way of living the religion. This does not mean to say that Wiccans practice Magick at every opportunity. On the contrary, they practice Magick on a need to do basis. What this statement says is that the religion of Wicca is a magickal tradition, which engages with the blessed gifts bestowed upon us – and Magick is an integral part of that.

An’ it harm none, do what ye will!

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