How to Become a Good Witch

The biggest rule that witches need to know and follow is the three-fold law. Anyone can test this rule by trying to break it. The three-fold rule declares that every action we undertake will return with a reaction three times as strong. This means that if we hurt someone even a little, we will soon hear from the Universe in a bigger, more hurtful way.  The Universe is composed of every human, animal and thing in this world as well as in other worlds. All of us have powerful energy that we use knowingly and unknowingly.

One way to test this is to see how good your life is. If you are more or less happy with your life and have good friends, it is because you are kind and helping and capable of selfless love: loving or helping someone without expecting something in return.

Those who are always miserable and complaining about how bad their luck is and how no one loves them can look at the mirror and ask themselves whom they have loved unconditionally in the near future.

There is an adage in English “The only love you keep is the love you give away.” This means that the laws of the Universe work in such a way that you get what you give others. If you are loving and kind and helpful, others around you will slowly start to change too.

Witchcraft is not just about achieving our dreams and goals; it is also about living in harmony with every entity around us as well as all the entities in all the worlds around us.

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