How to cast a free love spell

Love spells are the most popular of all spells. Everyone around the world wish they have many people who will love them. This includes family, friends and people who are attracted to them for many reasons. On any of the internet web sites that deal with spells, you will find that most requests are for love spells. It is amazing how most people spring back after the shock of a bad relationship only to find that the next relationship is even more interesting. It is wonderful that people keep up hope and try again and again to get the love they deserve in life.
To cast a free spell, all you need is your spirit. There is nothing more powerful that our spirit. In many of the spells we use, there are many items that we may need such as oils, essences, candles and so on. However you can easily cast a spell with nothing external.

Human spirits are so powerful that a visualization (or imagination) of a future happening can easily be changed by the use of our mental powers. It is unfortunate that many of us cannot understand spirituality or use its powerful magick in our lives.

Love makes the world go around. When we fall in love, we feel that we are living in a surreal world. The amazing feeling of being connected to another human being is so powerful that most people hate to be out of love. Many people do weird things when their passion is out of sync. When passion is in sync, though, life seems to be a string of wonderful experiences flowing peacefully. It is when we are at our best and most loving that our thoughts are immediately created in this Universe.

Most adults know that feeling when we fall in love. Most of the time when we think of our love or lover, they get the message without the help of a cell phone or any other dandy gadget. This is because our spiritual “cable” is transmitting such powerful messages that they reach the destination with its powerful vibes intact.
In order to cast a spell that will give you the results quickly, all you have to do is to concentrate. Let us begin the process here:

Step 1: First take a long and aromatic bath while you think of the one you love. Take as long as you need and do not allow anyone to break your line of thoughts. The bath also helps you get rid of negative thoughts and cleanses your aura.
Step 2: Dry up and sit down by your altar or any private place. Light some pink or red candles to increase the love vibrations in the area.
Step 3: Get a paper and pen and write down all that you love in your lover. Also write down all that you wish for your future in which this lover will be a loving and supporting partner and friend.
Step 4: Read a spiritual and uplifting book.
Step 5: Now sit in Meditation while you go deep into your heart and see how much you wish for this union to take place. The more you yearn for this relationship and the more power you put into this “yearning”, the better the outcome will be.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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