How To Find The Right Witchcraft Path

There are some web sites I recommend to help you find the right witchcraft path. The first is “Angelpaths” This is a beautiful and friendly site. You will meet many seekers on its forums as well as experienced witches. Here you will be able to interact, share experiences and ask questions. It is also an extensive Tarot site with loads of free information. As Witches should acquire divinatory skills, I believe that this site will be great for you. The second site is “The Celtic Connection” This site offers a large amount of information on the Craft and various aspects of the Craft such as herbals, crystals, candle magick and the like. Well worth multiple visits.


I firmly believe that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. You may view the books and the internet sites as your teachers, but the ultimate teacher is no more than a hair’s breadth away from your eyes. She is Mother Nature herself. Your rituals and your magick will become profound if you study Her closely and apply that which She has taught you in return. In time you will find human teachers appearing – at the right moment, naturally. This is the way of the Universe.

So … Brightest Blessings to you on your journey, and may the path you choose be illuminated by Peace, by Love and by Divine Light, now and always.

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