How to start your witchcraft book of shadows

Merry Meet Seeker,
Witchcraft empowers us to take action so that we become the people we want to be. Since there are no “higher-ups” in the hierarchy, individuals feel empowered and in charge of their destiny. Although we realize that the Universe is watching our every movement, or may be the reason for even our smallest movement, we have nothing to fear. The Universe empowers each and every one of us to make goals, work hard and enjoy the satisfaction of spearheading our own life.
As a new witch, the very first thing that we need to do is to log or record our journey for future generations. For this purpose, we need a journal that will withstand the test of time. In earlier days, people used to write down their experiences in thick journals using natural inks. However, in this internet generation, we have the option of keeping an online record of our life journey. Regardless of how or where we record our journey, the Book of Shadows as it is known will be a shining beacon for those who follow our footsteps.
If you are planning to have an old-fashioned journal, it is best to go to a stationery store and find a good, thick book with strong binding. Of course, each person is entitled to find their own personal book that will call out to you. Some people believe that the energy of the book is calling you and not vice versa. Remember that the book will be your personal diary for as long as you live. Try to keep it in the best condition.
In earlier times, witches had to hide their personal journals for fear of attacks from religious zealots who were encouraged by the church to demean and destroy all evidence of witchcraft. Some people believe that the names of botanicals were derived during this time. Herbs such as sheep’s tongue, Devil’s dung, Bishopwort, Lady of the woods, Wishing thorn, Herb of gladness, Ass Ear, Tree of death, Priest’s crown, swine snout, etc. These were actually names created by witches who didn’t want others to learn all the secrets of their healing tradition.
From day ONE, you have to jot down everything that seems important to you in your journey through the wonderful way of Witchcraft. Imagine a child, maybe your great grandchild, learning witchcraft through your journal. Make your notes, poems, recipes, thoughts, spells, meditations, etc as expansive as you can. The more details you put into preparing your Book of Shadows, the more information you will be able to record for the future generations.
Remember to update your journal every day. Unlike the old days, you may not have to hide your Book of Shadows from snooping eyes. However, to keep it clean and secure, you have to take good care of it including the place where you keep it, where you update it daily, etc.
As you travel through this amazing life of personal success through witchcraft, this book will be your constant companion day in and day out. Your innermost thoughts, your hopes, your goals as well as your aspirations, all of it can eventually take you to another level of understanding. Your hard work, your patience and your foray into the inner workings of this amazing planet of ours will eventually take you to your goal.
There are no strict rules for what we can or cannot write in our Book of Shadows. Each of us have to decide what goes in and what stays out. When you decide who will get this book after you, it would be a good idea to alert them as to what you expect from them after your lifetime. In case you do not want to pass it on to anyone else, you may need to assign a trusted friend to destroy it or pass it on as you wish. As your own spiritual diary, The book of Shadows will be historical account of the years through which your life has evolved.

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