How to Cast a Spell with no Negative Karma

If you can think deeply and keep a database of how you have helped someone or someone has helped you, you will certainly see a co-relation between your actions and your joys.

Of course, keeping a diary on how you helped people and then expecting that person to help you is not karmic action. The person who helps you almost always helps ANOTHER. Someone else will be there to help you. Spell making is a serious responsibility. When you understand how Karma works, you can think through most of the wording in the spell as well as your innermost thoughts before you work the spell. If you are doubtful of the words, do not work the spell. Or you can add the line If this hurts anyone, let this spell fail.

One more thing, if you are working a spell for someone else, and you knowingly help the person break up a relationship or coerce anyone to be attracted to them, then you, along with the person who requested the spell will incur karmic debt. There is such a thing as second-hand karmic debt J

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