The Idea behind Protection Spells

Garlic was also known to keep all evil spirits away from any space. Let us try to cleanse our house of evil or negative energies using a similar spell.

To work this spell, we will need:

5 pods of garlic to banish evil energies from the area

1 long piece of natural yarn, about 20 inches long

1 needle, through which the cord can pass

1 black candle, to banish all negativity from the area

A few sprigs of fresh rosemary – to bless and protect the area

1. Gather all of your items in front of the altar.
2. Cast your circle calling the Elements and the four quarters.
3. Light your Goddess and God candles. Light the black candle.
4. In the glow of the candle, separate the rosemary into several twigs.
5. Thread the needle and set aside for later.
6. Split the garlic pod into separate garlic cloves. Do not peel them.
7. Thread the garlic clove and rosemary intermittently through the yarn while chanting:

Garlic that protects, Protect my house and everyone in it!

Rosemary that protects, Protect my house and everyone in it!

8. When all the items are attached by the thread, tie the ends in a knot.
9. Hold the garland in your hands, close your eyes and say:

Garlic and Rosemary

Use your Powers and Energies

To protect our house and everyone in it

This is my will so mote it Be!

10. Now tie the garland to an entranceway in the house. Make some more garlands to guard each entranceway.
11. Thank the Goddess and God, the Elements and the four quarters. Allow the black candle to burn out all the negative energies in the house.
12. Open the circle.
13. It is done!

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