A Secret To Learn Black Magic

Writing Your Own Black Magic Spells (The Secret Of A Spell Recipe That Works)

Casting spells is an art form, in which ritual is often a display for that art form. It puts the spell in the light of the best possible setting to make it shine. They are a charging and sending out of your will. It is a working with deities, spirits and energies to bring your desired outcome using Black Magick energy.

There are thousands upon thousands of spells – some are complete hoaxes, and some were crafted with experience. It is important to find someone that you trust to give you spells that they actually use in their lives. The spells should be simple, effective, and above all – safe. You must keep this in mind, especially if you are learning black magic.

When in the hands of careless people who are not aware of the powers they are trying to use, Magick can be a scary thing. You can get spells off the Internet, from books, friends, and a variety of other places.

Please – before every sitting down to cast a spell, consider the source. Did you get the spell from a trusted source, who is experienced in the art of Witchcraft? Or did you download it “willy nilly” off some site you found on the Internet?

All of the spells you ever get from me, I have cast myself – and I have proven that they work. I will never give you anything that I haven’t personally used myself (and been successful with).

That being said, I want to talk about something that most people never think about. It is one of the most powerful techniques I have come across in all my years on the Magick path.

You have the power to write your own spells that will accomplish anything you want!

Some of the most powerful spells I have ever used are ones that I wrote myself – for myself. And because the spells came from my heart – I put my full emotion into them from beginning to end – and the results were amazing.

Creating your own black magic spell is like putting together a recipe.

The ingredients are found in the moon phases, planetary attributes and influences, colors, and herbs. The tools you use to stir up the spell and charge it are your candles; your altar becomes your mixing bowl; and the force of your will, desire, and belief mixes the ingredients together. The energy you use for the spell bakes the ingredients into the final product.

There are as many spells as there are desires, and the more familiar you become with casting spells (and all of the “things” that go into spells), the easier it will be to create your own spells. And the power of Magick energy you are able to create with spells that come directly from your heart, for your needs, is the most powerful form of Magick you will ever cast.

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