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These are the top 5 Occult supplies shops on the Internet today. If you want some of the most reasonable prices on wands, cauldrons, incense, stones, clothing, or other Witchcraft related items.

1. Mystical Magick Supplies (

And yes, this is my Witchcraft supply shoppe. And it probably seems that I am “biased” putting mine at #1 – but I am a perfectionist and know I can take good care of you…

2. Capricorns Lair (
3. Isis Books (
4. 13 Moons (

Now, I am going to recommend some Witchcraft and Occult schools that I have personally checked out myself. When you are ready, you can rest easy knowing that the owners of these websites have wonderful products that REALLY work. (And yes, the first 4 sites are mine – because I trust myself, and will bend over backwards (without pulling a muscle) to make you happy in life, and in love…

1. Mastering The Magick Of Witchcraft School (
Discover how to unlock the power of the hidden Magick energy within you to bring Love, Money, and Protection into your life – step-by-step.

2. Ancient Tarot Secrets (

Unlock the secrets your future holds with this step-by-step easy Tarot reading course.

3. See The Future With Palmistry (

Instantly begin reading Palms to see into anyone’s future. (even yourself!)

4. 7-Day Magick Crash Course Wicca School (

Warning: Some of the information I show you is similar to what you’ve seen on this site, but there are a few extra “surprises” for you. (Plus you get to keep in touch with me by signing up)

5. Witchcraft Exposed School Of Wicca (

A very good beginners book by that crazy duo Bogden and Giancarlo, it is a great read – you can trust them.

6. 123 Numerology (

If you are interested in the secrets that Numerology holds for your life, you need to pay Blair Gorman a visit. This amazing guide to numerology is one of the best I have seen.

For a summary of a school of Wicca that you have already encountered, go here

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