What Exactly Is Love Magick?

Advanced Love Magick is some of the most controversial (and powerful) Magick in Witchcraft.

It is controversial because some of the spells affect another persons free will to make their own choices.

It is extremely powerful because Love is the strongest emotion in the world – and emotion is what fuels the power of any spell you ever cast (along with desire).

The basic Love Spells I showed you earlier are very safe, and they are very simple to cast.

They don’t try to influence a specific person, and they can’t really cause any harm (of course you always should look into your heart first, and decide for your self if you REALLY need a Love spell in your life).

Most of the intermediate and advanced spells in my Witchcraft Home Academy stay true to the ethics of Witchcraft – and can bring Love, Friendship, and Beautiful Romance into your life.

But, you need to be aware that some of the intermediate and advanced spells contained in the Academy are controversial. They are also very powerful.

I have included the controversial spells for educational purposes, mostly – so that you can see what goes into these highly powerful (but ethically unbalanced) spells – and EXACTLY what it is about them that treads the fine line of morality.

It is true that Love Magick can quickly bring more opportunities for Love into your life than you know what to do with! It definitely worked for me, and it also worked for a long-time friend of mine. Here is the story… (and the big mistake she made that delayed the Love Magick)

When I was young, my friend was given the secret of controlling Magick energies by her Mother (an amazing teacher). She became powerful in Magick use, and was very happy in life – except for one little thing….

She couldn’t get any attention from men. She couldn’t get a boyfriend if her life depended on it. (She doesn’t want me to reveal her real name, so we’ll call her “Anne”).

Anne was desperate to get a boyfriend because she was lonely, and felt completely ignored. And of course, she turned to Magick for help…

She dug through her Mothers old Book of Shadows and found a powerful Love Spell. Even though I warned her to be careful, one night she cast the spell perfectly…

She was certain she’d finally find “Mr. Right” – she almost couldn’t stand the excitement!

I laughed, but I was very curious to see what would happen. And it wasn’t long before…


Every day, Anne would sit by the phone. Waiting for HIM to call…

Every day, she would walk to the mailbox in anticipation for her first love letter…

Still nothing.

She Gave Up On The Spell, and Questioned The Power Of Her Magick

She got so frustrated she gave up on the spell.

Something seemed very strange. Anne always did very well controlling Magick because she learned from her Mother who studied it for years.

Just when I thought Anne did something wrong, an amazing thing happened…

…a few days later she was at the grocery store, and THERE HE WAS!

He was drawn to her – and VERY nervous about meeting her. She says his hands actually trembled when he asked for her phone number! They dated passionately for 6 years…

Nothing like that had ever happened to Anne in her entire life. The spell worked. And the biggest reason why it worked is…

She allowed it to work, when she “gave up on it” – and actually started getting out of the house!

Magick will NOT make your true love show up on your doorstep out of the blue. But…

Magick WILL put powerful cosmic energies at work to make love happen, but only if you ALLOW it by making youself available! And it can work fast.

Anne learned this important lesson, and it changed her life. As soon as she “gave up” and started getting out of the house, back to her normal routine – the Magick spell took effect…

Love Magick will work for you too, but you need to have someone show you how to apply the secrets.

I’d never reveal any of the Advanced Magick on this site, because there is no way to control how it is distributed (and who will get their hands on it). Even ethically sound Advanced Love Spells can cause problems if they are not cast properly. That’s why only members of my Inner Circle (who use the Witchcraft Academy In-A-Box) will have access to these Love Magick secrets.

To get some of my love spells (for free), just go here.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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