Luck Spells

Simple Luck Spell

Items you will need:

1 small wooden box with a tight lid

3 small gem stones preferably of aventurine, amethyst and peridot

A small piece of paper, preferably unlined and 1 green pen

1 green candle for good luck

Incense for purifying the area

On a day when the moon is in its waxing phase, collect all the above items and cast a circle or prepare you altar. Light candles for the God and Goddess and meditate for some time to focus and still your mind.

Now empower the spell box with this mantra. (This needs to be performed once)

Holding the box with both hands, chant:

By the powers of the Earth,

By the powers of the Air

By the powers of the Fire

By the powers of the Water,

I empower this toolbox.

This will assist me in my spells

So mote it be.

Now you can use this toolbox for special spells.

Do the following for seven consecutive days:

1. Light the Green candle
2. Light up the incense.
3. Read a spiritual book for a few minutes.
4. Pick up the paper and write a simple one liner about one happy event in your life.
5. Roll up the paper and gently place it in the box.
6. Meditate on this experience, reliving your joy at the time that it occurred.
7. Hold each gemstone in you hand and chant:

Powers and Energies

Bring good Luck to me!

After chanting, carefully place the gemstones back in the spell box

8. Envision yourself being successful in everything you do.
9. Meditate for some more time on what good luck means to you.
10. Snuff out the green candle.

After seven days, open up the spell box and allow it to release the energies to obey your wishes. Let it stay open for one hour.

Allow the candle to burn out. Burn the paper to release the energies into the cosmic universe.

Use the gemstones as jewelry or put them in a pouch for good luck and store it in a safe place.

You may reuse the spell box for other spells. Meanwhile, keep it safe wrapped in a cloth bag made of natural materials.

You will be blessed with good fortune and happiness!

Blessed Be.

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