Lucky Charms

Weddings are occasions when many of these beliefs are still evident. The bouquet used by ancient Greeks and Romans was a pungent mix of garlic, herbs and grains. The ritual of throwing rice on newly wed couples originated in Asia. In some places, the married couples are showered with sweets, flowers or grains. These traditions are performed to ensure good fortune, a successful marriage, good health and fertility. The wedding ring, a circle of gold is believed to attract love and prosperity and is worn forever after the ceremony as a good luck charm. The ring is always worn on the third finger because it is believed that a vein in this finger goes directly to the heart (the seat of love).

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in your shoe

“Something old” was meant to represent family and relatives who would help and support through the course of the marriage. “Something new” was meant for the couple’s joyous new life of prosperity. An item was borrowed that was of value to the family and the good fortune was expected when the bride returned the borrowed item. The blue denotes fidelity and the coin was for good luck.

Good luck charms are all around us. Certain objects have the ability to emit positive spiritual energy. We can charge crystals or gemstones and carry them around with us.
Candles are energized by anointing with sacred oil while chanting appropriately. Vedic mantras are also used to charge objects including crystals or lockets and pendants that may be worn on the body. Also, the Rosary and similar prayer beads used in different religions are amazingly powerful as lucky charms.

Lucky charms are worn as jewelry or carried in pockets which are stitched to clothing. They may also be carried in separate bags such as Mojo bags.

When we carry a good luck charm, our confidence increases and we feel more assured of success. A good luck charm works on our psychic energy making us more relaxed, positive and focused so that we can direct our energy wisely to make our wishes come true.

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