Magick Potion Power: Fact or Fallacy

When brewing the use of microwave for heating purposes is discouraged, as is the use of metal containers. These negatively affect the essence of the herbal material you use in your potions. Enamel, pottery and glass containers are recommended, as are conventional and traditional methods of heating. A very safe form of brewing is achieved when a glass jar is used and the mixture is left on sunlight for a couple of hours. Potions should be used as soon as possible, not letting them stay for more than four days. When you make potions, put them in the refrigerator and after three or four days, spill them back to the Earth.

A word on love potions …

Real Wiccan love potions never interfere with free will. Love potions and aphrodisiacs should always be prepared when the moon is waxing. Some Wiccans believe that no potion you can possibly make, will snare somebody to make them your love slave and that love potions can soften feelings, but never change them.

So, do the magickal potions concocted by Wiccans work at all? This is a question that only a Wiccan can answer – an answer that will be a most definite yes. The herbal properties and the Magick of a spell harmoniously join forces to bring about changes for the better – whether it is healing, cleansing or creating prosperity.

If you are interested in trying for yourself, the following two sites offer potions for sale to those in need…or perhaps even just curious:

2. Sacred Wicca

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