How To Use The Power Of Magick Wands In Spells

Wands are frequently used to channel energy, but they can also be used to cast circles in the place of an athame, or to control entities the witch may have called. Wands can range from plain, unadorned wood to lengths of metal gilded in gold and encrusted with jewels. The wand frequently reflects both the type of energy usually channeled through it and the personality and magical affinities of the owner, so the decoration (or lack thereof) can be very important to the magical effectiveness of the tool.

Finding your own wand can be a simple process, especially if you are searching for a natural wooden wand. Find out if you have woods near your home, and then go into them with finding a wand uppermost in your mind. Ask your patrons or helper spirits to guide you to the branch that is the best for you and your magic. Once you find it, thank the tree for it, especially if it is a living branch that you have to remove from its parent. (Note: If you have to remove a living branch, make sure you know how to treat the tree so that it won’t become vulnerable to disease!) Leaving an offering, both to the tree and the spirits that helped you find the tree, is also a good idea. However, make sure what you leave is biodegradable! A thanks and offering to those that helped you find the wand is also appropriate.

All right, now you have the core of your wand. What’s next? Well, much like your Book of Shadows, your imagination and access to materials are your only limits when decorating your wand. If you are a follower of Asatru, for example, a simple wand carved with runes might be the best for you. If you follow Morrigan, decorate with raven or crow feathers. Bones would also be good for a wand dedicated to Her, and Ogham writing is appropriate to all Celtic deities. Often those magical tools that are crafted with your own hands and talents are the most magically effective, so don’t be afraid to exercise your abilities and craft something unique to you.

If you want something more ornate than a wooden wand, say for Ceremonial Magick, buying a wand is much easier than trying to make your own. The only limit here is your pocket book! Wands can be gilded with gold and dripping with crystals, or hand made where everything that is part of the wand is hand made and frequently consecrated by the maker as the crafting takes place. However, I’m of the school that believes that anything magickal that you can create with your own two hands has the most innate power, so keep that in mind when decided which wand is best for you.

Wands are not a necessary part of Wicca, so if you can’t afford a wand or feel a different tool is more appropriate, don’t worry. Always choose those items that will allow you to touch and channel magical energy with the least amount of effort, and those items that are in keeping with your magical and moral philosophies.

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