The Misconceptions Of Pagan Symbols

The Mano Cornuto

The Manu Cornuto is a hand gesture where the index and ring fingers are pointed upwards and the rest of the fingers held down by the thumb against the palm of the hand. In Wicca, the Mano Cornuto is used in some traditions as the sign of the Horned God and is used during ritual when invoking the God. The God is the masculine aspect of Deity and the Goddess the feminine aspect of Deity. The horns of the God – which appears to be the greatest problem for Fundamentalist Christians – stem from His dominion over forests, animals and the earth.

This Mano Cornuto is misinterpreted as a satanic recognition signal in many books on Satanism. In Lou Sloat’s Texas Ritualistic Crime Information Network Occult Crime Manual it is described as “A satanic salute or sign among members; represents devil’s horns.” In the context of the Satanist Church, Lou is not wrong. Anton LaVey did adopt the Mano Cornuto as a satanic salute.

What Lou Sloat refrained from mentioning in his Manual, is that some Wiccans use this gesture as well, that Wiccans do not believe in Satan and as a result, that the use of the Mano Cornuto by a Wiccan could not possibly be Satanic.


Liberal Christians, which nowadays represents the majority, endorse the principles of religious freedom and show religious tolerance towards those who hold non-Christian beliefs. The remainder however, comprising of fundamentalist Christians do not differentiate between Wicca and Satanism, and concomitantly between the symbols used. All are viewed as symbols representing evil, violence and lawlessness.

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