Money Spells

Here is a simple money spell that will bring you prosperity:

Items you will need:

One small pouch

Three small gemstones – citrine, aventurine and bloodstone

One green candle


One piece of paper and one pen

One dollar bill and four quarters

1. On the day of a new moon, bathe using herbal oils and natural soaps to energize you.

2. Cleanse the space you will use by burning the incense.

3. Read a chapter from your favorite spiritual book for inspiration and focus.

4. Prepare your intentions and goals by writing on the piece of paper in your own words what will enrich your life as you see it. It could be a monetary amount, a better job or better education that will lead to a continuous, steady flow of income for the rest of your life. Be specific and imagine your goals already happening, visualize the glow of happiness that radiates from you as it happens and try to keep that feeling even after the ritual is completed.

5. Place the dollar bill on the table and arrange the four quarters in the four corners.

6. Place the candle in the candle holder on the center of the bill and place the pouch nearby.

7. Light the candle and meditate on the flame for a few minutes.

8. Take one of the stones in your palm and pointing your open palm to the candle, chant these words with conviction:

Powers of the Sun,

Powers of the Moon,

Provide me with wealth

That I have not seen before

I call the Earth

To bind my spell

What I have begun

Will serve me well.

9. Now place the gem on the pouch near the burning candle

10. Repeat with the other two gems

11. Now meditate for some more time in front of the candle and the three gems that will bring you wealth. The more you concentrate, the more powerful the gems will become.

12. Let the candle burn completely.

13. Put the three gems in the pouch

14. Carry them with you until you get the money you deserve.

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