What You Need To Do To Cast Love Spells

When doing this spell, sit or stand before your altar as your patrons demand. Cast a circle, asking the spirits to protect you as you journey within yourself. No negative influence can enter this circle! You may want to call the elements as well, to stand as guards at each corner. Some practitioners call not just the elements, but the winds that correspond to each direction as well. An Asian practitioner might recognize more elements than the Western witch is used to, while a Celtic practitioner might call fewer than expected. Choose what feels right for you.

Give offerings to your patrons if you have the resources to do so. Even baking a cake or cookie and offering that can be appropriate; offering cakes to various incarnations of the Goddess, for example, is an ancient tradition. Think about what would be appropriate to your patrons. You may be moved to sing, dance, or chant. You may feel like being completely silent, asking for help with your inner voice as opposed to vocalizing your needs. Be still within yourself and let the spirits guide you towards the appropriate actions.

Ultimately, remember that love begins within you. Love for one’s self must precede love for another! The will of one’s intended should not be compromised, as love without free will is nothing but slavery.

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