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Strictly speaking, the garter is an item of clothing. Its use however is not to hold up stockings, but a symbol of status in many covens. It is traditional for the High Priestess to add a silver buckle to her garter when a Priestess leaves the mother coven to hive off a new coven. Of interest is that a cave painting was found dating from the Paleolithic era where a male shaman is depicted wearing a garter around each thigh.

The Moon Crown

Statues of Diana, dating back to ancient times, depict Her wearing a band around Her head with a crescent moon attached to it. This crown is representative of her dominion in the Lunar Realm. During the Invocation of the Goddess, a Moon Crown is placed on the brow of the High Priestess to symbolize her connection with the Goddess and that she speaks on behalf of the Goddess. The crown is made of silver materials and may be adorned or set with lunar crystals.

The Horned Helmet

In Paganism, the God is the Horned God. When invoked during ritual, a Horned Helmet is placed on the head of the High Priest to symbolize his connection with the God and to show that he speaks on the God’s behalf. Of interest is that the English words “horn” and “crown” were the same word in Hebrew. When Michelangelo did research in preparation for creating the Moses statue, he was unaware of the fact that these words were synonymous in Hebrew. The result was a statue of Moses with horns.

In modern times and in addition to the traditional pagan jewelry discussed in this article, pagans wear anklets, toe rings and a vast variety of body-pierced jewelry during ritual. Symbols used differ greatly too and are personal – either to the tradition, to the coven or to the individual.

Jewelry for everyday wear can be empowered too in a different manner. A “difficult-meeting-necklace” and a “get-through-the-backlog-on-my-desk-bracelet” and a “protect-me-from-the-office-gossip-monger-ring” could be highly useful. After all, being pagan is not limited to ritual times only. Being pagan also means bringing a little magick into your lives.

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