Practice and Theory of Chaos Magick

Chaos theory is the study of how small changes in our environment may easily create pandemonium if the conditions are ripe. Even small differences in preliminary conditions can result if widely varied results. One of the most evident chaotic systems is our weather. Without warning, weather can go in many different directions or suddenly disappear altogether. Also, we know that Mother Nature has Her reasons for this type of response, it is not something that human beings are privy to.

Just as our current actions create our future, our thoughts too have the power to create. Chaos magick is a magickal tradition which accentuates the importance and practical use of belief systems that are based on Chaos theory. For example, using sigil magick symbols, a witchcraft practitioner may invite entities from other worlds. Similarly, using magic squares, ouija boards and many other similar divining tools, people who are fairly spiritual and connected with the cosmos can easily divine answers from the Universe using such tools.

The practice of using symbols or diagrams for magick purposes have been enjoyed very early in history, as early as the Neolithic era. Most of the early cultures seem to have a direct connection to the divine and a close relationship with those forces which created this world. From Hindu traditions, Yantras, Tantras and Mantras are believed to be directly passed on to sages from the enlightened ones in Heaven. Using these “magickal tools” humans have made decisions on which path to go on in life or which mantra, chant or spell to use for their purpose. Practical uses of this theory include divination through smoke/fumes, water movements, air movements, fire movements and soot particles and many other ways to find out about the past of the future.

The birthplace of chaos magick is believed to be in West Yorkshire, England. It was a meeting between two people Ray Sherwin and Peter Carroll that gave birth to a chaos magick organization called the “Illuminates of Thanateros” or IOT for short. Two other sources of information on Chaos magick are “Liber Null” and “Psychonaut”written by Peter J. Carroll.

The source of chaos magickal theory and practice was the work of mystic Austin Osman Spare who was in touch with Aleister Crowley, a British Occultist as well as a mystic and an expert on ceremonial magick. Basic sigil work begins with the construction of a phrase which details the purpose of the magickal work. The next step is to remove duplicate letters and to recombine the rest of the letters into a sigil. The main aim of chaos theory is to get inspired as well as enlightenment through “disordering our belief structures”.

In practical terms one can think of chaos theory as the origin of life itself on Earth. What we see when we look at a new Universe being created may be described as chaos. However, underneath all that “confusion”, there is “Creation” as well. Most natural phenomena may be the result of what looks like Chaos to the untrained eye. However, there may be infinitesimal changes happening that we are not aware of and which are part of the working Universe. If you have watched a Universe being created, what you see as a confusing mess magickally becomes perfect round planets and their moons. All we can do is wonder at the beauty and perfection of such occurrences.

Most people understand that there is more to our world than what our eyes are capable of grasping. For example, most of us are aware that at times, when a butterfly moves around, even the tiny changes in the atmosphere as its wings change direction can cause huge changes in the environment nearby as well as many miles from where this occurs. No one is certain exactly how cataclysmic events such as Earthquakes and Tsunamis are triggered. However it is amazing that a few hours and even days earlier than such an alarming event, animals are able to move to safer harbors while we humans may be completely clueless.

As we move from the outer world of needs and wants and move into a life that is more focused on our inner world, everything that we need shows up with just a thought. When our spirit controls our life and we direct it in the way it is supposed to flow, we will be able to understand the way of the Universe. There are many examples of chaos magick that are used in healing such as Reiki, Acupressure, Acupuncture, etc. Many of the healers who cure the sick use their unseen powers by faith healing to remove any malady using our spirit as a tool.

Humans and animals are spiritual and can easily heal themselves as well as others. If you wish to read more about Chaos magick, check out this link:

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