The Practices, Beliefs and Tradition on Faery Wicca


The Faerie tradition has many deities. The primary goddess is the androgynous Star Goddess. All the other deities – there are six – are aspects of the Star Goddess. These are:

* The Blue God
* The Corn Maiden
* The Harvest Lord
* The Great Mother
* The Winter King
* The Crone


There are seven Guardians in the Faerie Tradition. They are the Cloud People, the Watchers or the Nephilim. The Guardians are usually invoked during circle casting but may not necessarily be invoked during magical work. The Guardians of the East and South are viewed as male, while the Guardians of the West and North are viewed as female. Their real names are secret. Below is a list of their public names:

* Star Finder
* Shining Flame
* Water Maker
* Black Mother
* Heaven Shiner
* Fire in the Earth
* Guardian of the Gates

Although there are some similarities between this and other traditions of the Craft, such as respect of Nature, love of beauty, and appreciation for creativity, the Faerie Tradition is in fact very, very different. Let me explain.

Risk-taking is encouraged to a far greater extent than in other Wiccan traditions. Unlike other Wiccan traditions, which may have specific laws limiting behavior, there is a certain amorality historically associated with the Faerie Tradition. Faerie practitioners see themselves, when enchanted, as “Fay”. This means neither black nor white, outside social definitions, on the road to Faerieland, both mad and poetical. For these Initiates, much of reality is unseen and the boundaries of reality uncertain. In Faerie, the Gods are real and possess a morality system different from humans. In Faerie Wicca, possession is practiced. It is a mystery tradition of power, danger, ecstasy, and direct communication with the divine. A fair amount of initiates do not return unharmed from journeys between the worlds.

I conclude that whilst it is a beautiful and exciting Tradition, Faerie is not for everybody and definitely not for the feint of heart..

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