Protection from Black Magic Spells

Black magic spells are sometimes cast with the intention of hurting others. It could be a revenge spell for someone who may have knowingly or unknowingly hurt the giver. Black magic is powerful because the energy, regardless of whether its benevolent or malevolent, has the power to affect the individual’s life.  All energy, however, can be prevented from entering our aura by creating a protective shield around us.

Here are some spells which may be used to protect yourself or your family from the effects of evil spells.

Yemaya Spell

The powerful Orisha (protective spirit) Yemaya was known as one who cared for the safety of animals as well as humans. Create a protective shield by offering her this token:

Get a whole fish from the market. Also get some paper and a pen and write down the names of your enemies or those who have the capability to harm you. Fold the paper and push it into the fish’s mouth. If the mouth is too small, make a slit in the belly and keep the list there. Close the mouth or belly slit with pins.

Cover the fish with molasses and place it in the cast circle near the altar for Yemaya. Light blue and white candles around the fish and burn some strong incense for seven days. At the end of seven days, place seven silver coins inside the fish and throw the fish and everything in it into the Sea.  Yemaya will create a protective shield around you that will not allow any evil energies to penetrate and harm you.

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