Protection Spells

From ancient times, talismans, amulets and charms were used to protect against nightmares and ward off the “evil eye”, demonic or malefic spirits, personal calamity and black magic. Some of these amulets had geometric diagrams or mystical formulae inscribed on them and some were usually in the shape of lizards, chameleon or scorpions. Herbs that were used to exorcise haunted cattle or banish sickness and evil included sage, malaxis, christianwort, and heliotrope.

The sacred pentacle is used to consecrate ritual objects, charms or tools. It is also used for grounding stray energy in a room and as an instrument of protection. Pentagrams are worn as pendants or hung over doors and windows to serve as protective elements. Certain gemstones such as hematite, tourmaline, black jasper, black onyx, obsidian, amethyst, calcite, etc. were also used in charms, amulets and other jewelry to protect the wearer.

Here is a protection ritual for the modern times:

Before you do any spell, you can use this method to build a wall of protection around you:

Imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a huge pentagram facing upwards. Visualize three spheres of purple light around you. The first one encases you and your aura in its cocoon very close to your body offering the first layer of protection. The second one is larger and encloses the first one in a second layer of protection and the third likewise encircles you, and the first two spheres making it impossible to penetrate any of these layers. Imagine yourself completely enclosed in this impermeable shield which protects you from all outside interference.

Now meditate in that glowing protective state and chant:

Thrice around the circles bound

Sink all evil into the ground!

(repeat the above three times)

So Mote it be!

Now you are free to conduct your spell in an area clear of negative energies. After you have completed the spell, thank the Deities and open the circle.

Blessed Be!

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