Pros and Cons of Purchasing Wiccan Supplies Online

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One way to save more from online shopping is to register for sales and coupons from these sites. Once in a while, as a regular customer, we may get emails with valuable coupons or promotional codes that may save us cold, hard, cash! If you get too many emails from sites (instead of once a week or once a month) you can go to the site and change your options to specify that you do not wish to get any “marketing emails”,

Also, just before you visit the websites, do a search using Google search engine using the name of the website. For Cybermoon Emporium, you would Google “Cybermoon coupon” and note any codes that you may get online. Some of these codes may be outdated, but I usually get a few dollars off my bill using these random coupons and promotional codes.

The Old Fashioned Way

Why not look through the yellow pages and find a store that sells Wiccan supplies near your home? That is the way to go if you like to touch and see the items before you give away your precious money for it online. If you don’t find a store near you, try to Google your town and Wiccan supply like this: Go online to and type “mytown pagan store” or “mytown metaphysical store” and Abracadabra! All the stores in your area will be listed out.

I usually go to one store and if I cannot find the item that I need there, I ask the store owner for a list of other Wiccan supply stores. They are usually friends, you know, unless they are within a block of each other! :)

So there are many ways to get your Wiccan supplies and cast spells in the night. Have fun casting spells!

Blessed Be!

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