The Relationship between Magick and the Craft

Let us return to the statement that many ordinary people have unwittingly practiced the Art of spell casting. Here is an example: “John Walters is critically ill and has been admitted to the ICU ward of the local hospital. His wife and son are allowed to be with him. They take hands and pray to their Deity (for instance Jesus). They ask that John be cured. During the prayer they visualize a healthy John, going home with them. (This is an involuntary visualization). The emotion they experience and their spirituality during prayer raise energy. The ‘Amen’ after the prayer is the equivalent of ‘So Mote it Be’ and releases the energy. They are devout Christians and believe (have faith) that there will be Divine intervention to restore their beloved husband and father to them. John starts healing and health is restored quite rapidly.” Does this situation not contain most of the elements of magick? Magick can cause miracles to happen for anybody.

What is Witchcraft?

Witchcraft is a positive, earthy religion dedicated to the Goddess and the God. The earth and all it contains are manifestations of Their energies and are subsequently treated with a great deal deference and respect by all Witches. Witches celebrate the 8 cycles of the Sun (Sabbats) and the 13 cycles of the Moon (Esbats) in honor of the Goddess and the God.

Witchcraft is often referred to as the “Craft of the Wise” because traditionally, Witches were the healers, the mid-wives, the ‘wise ones’ who understood the herbs and plants and had the knowledge to apply these for curative purposes. They were also the diviners and the mediums, the spell casters and the advisors in their communities.

How does Magick relate to Witchcraft?

Magick, to most Witches, is a gift from the Goddess and God. As a result, magick is interwoven in daily life. Cooking, cleaning, playing and studying all contain elements of magick. Let me explain. In cooking, a Witch may choose foods that may enhance the concentration of a child preparing for an exam. When she prepares and cooks the foods, she may use an incantation, visualization and energy to charge the food with intent. During cleaning, the Witch may use the opportunity to clear negative energies in addition to removing dust.

Magick may also be performed as and when it is needed. A Witch may be asked to assist with the healing of a sick child by enhancing the efficacy of the prescribed doctor’s medication he or she is using. The Witch will then – that same day – perform a ritual and spell, in the magick circle, to aid the healing of the child.

Major works of Magick are often performed during Esbats and Sabbats. Spells done at these times are believed to have enhanced power. As a result, more complicated or difficult spells are reserved for those celebrations.

Whilst Magick is not the exclusive domain of the Witch, it is a traditional, honored and integral aspect of the Craft. Whilst some Witches may not practice Magick at all, most continue to do so in order to create positive change, offer healing and afford protection.

“So Mote it Be.”

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