Simple candle magick

Before candles were invented, people used lamps and lanterns for light and heat. The earliest candles were made by the early Chinese civilization and they were made of whale fat around 200 BC. These candles were held or molded in paper tubes and rolled paper was used as the wick. In India, wax from boiling cinnamon was also used to make candles for the temples and in Tibet, yak butter was used to make candles. It was in the early middle ages that candles began to be used by the rest of the world.

Candles represent two of the natural and powerful elements: light and heat. This phenomenon helped it become indispensible for most of witchcraft as candles were readily available and could be used in increments. Although with the introduction of kerosene lamps and eventually the light bulb, candles took a backseat for daily light, candles are to this day used in many millions of homes everyday because of its simplicity and comfort.

Candles are used in witchcraft not only for their beautiful colors that signify various rituals, but also for their ability to be carved and dressed with our intentions. In many spells, the candles are carved with the desired results and dressed with powerful oils that enhance the experience. As the candle burns, it releases the intentions that were carved or massaged into it, thus accomplishing the goals of the spell-worker.

To use a candle as a tool for spell working, we need to charge it with the purpose that we desire. To imbue any object with our magickal energy and power, we have to specifically charge it with our intentions. Here are a few steps toward that goal:

Step 1: Hold the candle that it is held between your hands.

Step 2: Closing your eyes, take a few deep breaths.

Step 3: Clear your mind of all thoughts.

Step 4: Holding the candle visualize the energy from your being slowly moving through your hands on to the object.

Step 5: When you feel that the candle has enough of your energy and is now in harmony with your thoughts and intentions, place it on a safe surface and move on to your next step in the spell working.

Here are two candle spells for you:

Eating Disorder Banishing spell

For this spell, you will need the following items: Essential oil of fennel, Olive oil, one small black candle, one moonstone, clear quartz crystal and a small charm bag to carry the crystals.

Step 1: On a day when the Moon is waning, add essential oil of fennel to Olive oil and create what is called an infused oil of fennel.

Step 2: Using the oil, dress the small black candle while visualizing your future. Always be positive when you think about the future. Think of how you are feel and know that you have reached the goal.

Step 3: Visualize your old habits melting away from your body into the candle. Remove all negative emotions from your body because they don’t belong with you anymore.

Step 4: Pick up the moonstone on your left hand and hold the quartz crystal in the right hand. Know that you are changed and your old habits have been discarded.

Step 5: When the candle has burned out, bury it in a faraway place further away from your home.

Step 6: Place the crystals in the charm bag and carry them with you all the time. Remember to cleanse them and re-charge if needed.

Lunar Divination for Love Spell

For this spell, you will need a large pail of water and four candles.

Step 1: On a full Moon day, place the pail of water outside so that it catches the full light of the Moon

Step 2: Place the four candles (or torches) around the pail so that it creates a magickal space.

Step 3: Now sit down and gaze into the lunar-charged water and also note the direction and shapes of the flames to reveal the information that you desire.

Remember to reserve the Lunar charged water for future spell working purpose.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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