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How To Get Your Own Spell Book

The Mysteries of Isis is a great book to start with for the witch called to follow Isis and her teachings. The author includes incantations, blessings, spells, and rituals. Regula’s book also expands on the ritual for a purification bath discussed in the article on beginning spells. Her writing is accessible and holds the reader’s interest, which makes the history lessons that are included fun, especially since the author takes the time to suggest modern uses for the ancient traditions of worship. Pick up her book and you won’t be sorry!

The Druid Animal Oracle does not include spells or rites. Instead it is a companion to a deck of animal cards. These function something like a Tarot deck, but even without the cards, the book is worth it. It lists all the animals important in Celtic tradition, complete with lovely illustrations and descriptions of each animal’s symbolism. This can be a great resource when you are just learning to communicate with animal spirits and totems. Even the most seasoned witch may, at times, need a reference book. No one should be worried about including this one in his or her library!

There are hundreds and hundreds of books out there on Witchcraft. Be sure to do your homework, and read more than one book on a subject if you can, to compare what each author tells you is correct. Get on Amazon or go to your local bookstore and browse. Happy hunting!

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