Teen Witches

How to practice the Craft as a Teen Witch

If your parents aren’t receptive to learning about Wicca, for example if they are fundamentalist Christians, it may be best to keep silent, at least until you are eighteen or until you move out of their house. Remember I said above that the law is on the side of the parents? It’s true. Minors have, essentially, no rights. So do your own learning and be sure to keep anything to do with Wicca away from your house. In the meantime you can find information on the internet, at a friend’s house or at school. You can buy books and leave them with a friend. You can even create an altar at home if you’re clever enough about disguising it as shelf decorations.

Nonetheless, please do your best to minimize the deception you practice, as your parents might associate Wicca with lying if they catch you enough times. If your parents ask you about your religion, be honest, and do everything you can to keep a cool head. If you can state your case clearly, without getting angry, your parents are much more likely to listen to you and take you and your points seriously.

Above all, though, the important thing is to stay safe and try your best to keep the home environment harmonious, which is good for your parents but also for you. Deep down, we all wish we could share everything with our parents, but when that’s not possible we can still follow our hearts, and do so safely.

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