The Wicca Religion

Wiccans believe that thoughts are the basis of all creation. There is no external entity that exists in other worlds that we have to worship or bow down to. The term Goddess and God are used to imply the highest of these ephemeral spirits which are under our command.

Since Wiccan practitioners have rules, belief systems and ethics in practice, they comply with the definition of a “religion”. Wicca is now recognized as the fifth largest religion in the United States after Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism.

Wicca was brought back into the mainstream by Gerald Gardner, who also revised some of the rules of the religion. There are several branches of Wicca such as the Dianic Wicca and Gardnerian Wicca among others. Some of the Wiccans form groups called Covens which create their own rules of initiation into this religion. Other groups believe that no initiation is required as each one of us already have the power to create inherent in us.

The Book of Shadows is a journal that includes a witch’s experiences, recipes, lessons, spells and herbal remedies. Some Wiccans also use an assortment of tools for their celebrations and rituals including a sword (Athame), broom (Besom), wand etc.

The sacred symbols such as Pentagram, Phases of the Moon, Sun, etc are used as protection or to adorn jewelry and clothes.

Wicca is the fastest growing religion in the USA.

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