Three black magic spells for beginners

Enchanted Charms Spell
This spell is in the honor of the Love Goddess Aphrodite. Love is her sacrament. You may create an altar for the Deity by collecting shells, roses, apples, honey cakes, myrrh, myrtle etc.
For this spell, you may also add romantic jewelry so that Aphrodite can empower your love charms which will attract and maintain love in your life.
For this spell you will need a charm or piece of jewelry that you can wear for attracting love and luck.
1. Decorate the Altar with some of Goddess Aphrodite’s favorite items.
2. Include the piece of jewelry near the altar but not too close to the Goddess’ items.
3. Light any candles you may have.
4. Sit down and visualize what you really wish for. Remember, you are not begging or bargaining with the Goddess. She is here to help you get your wish. You should be confident that she spell is already working to your benefit.
5. Let the charm rest at the altar overnight.
6. The next day, wear it or offer it to the one you love.

Yemaya Wish Spell
If you have a wish and would like to see it carried out, you may request Yemaya, the queen of the Sea to guide you.
For this spell, you will need a small boat which you can make out of cardboard or wood. You will also need some “treasures” such as small perfume bottles, soap without any wrapping, comb, mirror, white and blue flowers, crystals, shells, etc. Also you will need to be near a beach or a flowing river.
Step 1: Make the little boat by yourself.
Step 2: Fill the boat for Queen Yemaya with all the items you have collected such as the perfume bottles soap, comb, mirror, flowers, crystals and shells.
Step 3: While leaning over the “boat”, murmur your wishes on what you wish to achieve and how Queen Yemaya can help you.
Step 4: When the sun has set and it is dark, launch the boat into the waves.
If the boat is swallowed by a wave, is a good sign. If the boat returns to shore, you have to try again. If some of the items return to shore, it may be a signal from Yemaya to you.
Child Protection Spell
This spell will create a mojo or magick bag the contents of which will protect the child forever.
For this spell, you will need a charm bag, an angelica root, chamomile, flax seeds, a coin minted on the child’s birth year, a small piece of silver or a bead with the child’s name engraved on it and one baby tooth if it has fallen out.
Step 1: Into the charm bag, add the angelica root, chamomile, and flax seed.
Step 2: Add the coin to the bag
Step 3: Carve the name of the child on the coin or on a bead and add it to the collection.
Step 4: Add any baby’s teeth if they have fallen out. One is sufficient.
Step 5: Now keep this conjure bag in a safe place where it will not be disturbed.
When the child is old enough to inherit it, let the child keep it safe.

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