Three Curses and Revenge Spells

These spells may come into the category of black magick if these are done to harm anyone. Sometimes, when the local law enforcement officers are corrupt, we may need to take the law into our own hands. These spells may be done in such as case without repercussions. Remember, if you harm anyone intentionally, you will hear from the Universe soon.

Stay Locked Up Spell

If someone is in prison for a crime they have committed and is trying to get out by unfair means, try this spell to keep yourself safe from harm.
Get the following items:
Brown paper and pen
Clear glass bowl
Black pepper, Cayenne pepper
1 nail
An old key

Write the person’s name on the brown paper.  Put it inside the bowl. Cover the paper with ground cayenne pepper and ground black pepper, the hotter the better! Now add the nail and cover everything in the bowl with Ammonia. Place the key in the bowl so that it stands leaning on the side of the bowl. Do not allow it to fall down. Every day at noon, turn the key a quarter-turn to keep this person in prison. Continue to do this until the threat is over.

Silly Putty Control Spell

Get some silly putty and with a small pin, write down the name of your target on it. Play with the silly putty, assuming that you are working on your foe and changing them into friendly, passive, unassuming folks. When you have completed your visualizations, throw the silly putty into a body of flowing water.

The target will be putty in your hands after this spell.

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  1. joseph says:

    i have and enemy that has been destroing my property ,has been steeling from me ,and been invading evey inch of my life and living space also has been taking that what was mine it is making me feel like i have no way of beating this enemy i need help please help me this has lead my to provery neg energy and feeling helpless what can i do i have done protection spells to try to help am going to try revenge spells but to this point all i have done is to pray that our master of all things work this out this has gone on for years im older and need some releaaf of this evil person or persons that have been destroing who and what i am and that i could be and have in this life please please help thank you for your time and help if you can all i do is to ask you please help me i have no money to offer you but if i did it would be your for your help if you can i would help you latter just ask i have some kind of powers of insight and am able to hear angles talk but they wont help i have asked is their a answer for my trouble i have been in for so long but when i conatrate on someone they help them and never me help me .yours joseph

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