Three Easy Love Spells to do at Home

Love spells are the most requested type of spells. Almost every living thing in the world thrives on the amazing and nurturing emotion called Love. Most spiritual people will admit that the world runs on Love and nothing else.
Here are a few Love spells that you have requested. The best time to work on Love Spells is on a Friday which coincides with a New Moon. Friday is named after Freya, the Northern Lady of Love. Yellow, red, pink and orange are colors used for Love Magick. The number two is auspicious since it represents a pair and if you bathe your hands in rose water just before you work on a Love Spell, it will increase the effects of the spell.

Romany Amber Charm Love Spell
Here is a wonderfully ancient Love spell that will attract the person you desire.
For this spell, you will need a piece of amber in the form of jewelry that you can wear. Also needed is a piece of silk. The best day to work on this charming spell is Thursday.
Step 1: On Thursday night, get a piece of paper and write down in detail all of the qualities that you desire in a romantic partner. If you have a specific person in mind, by all means visualize a happy life with her/him. Before you go to sleep, place the piece of amber under your pillow.
Step 2: On Friday morning, just as you wake up, hold the amber close to your heart and visualize vividly what life will be like with your lover. Take your time and make this dream vision as perfect as possible so that you will get what you desire.
Step 3: Now kiss the Amber and roll it up in the silk bag, making sure that you are wrapping towards you.
Step 4: Carry it all day with you.
Step 5: Continue to do this for seven days, sleeping with the amber near your body (or between your breasts) at night and carrying it during the day.
Step 6: At the end of the week, you will have a highly charged love-drawing talisman that will always bring you great luck in love.

Ancient Egyptian River Spell
In ancient Egypt there is a Love spell in which a clay figure is created to resemble the lover. Using intimate items used by the Lover, one can easily recreate the likeness of the lover. For example, we can use discarded hair, nail clippings, etc. Additionally we need items such as needles, massage oil, paper and pencil to write your wishes or desires on, and a cotton cloth.
Step 1: Using many items that the Lover has used, create a clay figure to represent her or him.
Step 2: Stick needles in all the places of the doll where you wish her or him to desire you.
Step 3: When piercing, say: Your heart is filled with love for me” or something similar. Visualize the person wanting to see you and be with you. Take the time to express your real desires explicitly.
Step 4: Using the massage oil, massage the doll taking care Stepp remove the needles.
Step 5: Sit down and write all about your loving desires on a piece of paper.
Step 6: Attach this note to the doll using protruding needles
Step 7: Now wrap everything in cloth and take it to a river bank where it can be safely buried.

Horseshoe Talisman Spell
Here is another gem of a spell. This one is from Latin American Magick in which horseshoes are usually wrapped in brightly colored thread and decorated with objects that are believed to increase its powers. To make this Talisman, one has to focus on desires and goals intensely while working on this spell.

For creating this magickal talisman, you will need red thread, horseshoe, thread for knotting, cardboard, decorations, charms, grains of paradise, small bags, beads, amulets, sacred texts and images, dried rose buds, cumin, caraway, grains of paradise, cardamom, phallic beads, cubebs, vanilla, etc.

Step 1: Using the red thread, wrap the horseshoe completely.
Step 2: While wrapping, visualize your goals vividly so that you can see them already in motion.
Step 3: Now mount the horseshoe onto the cardboard.
Step 4: Decorate the horseshoe with charms.
Step 5: Put grains of paradise on tiny bags and attach them to the horseshoe
Step 6: Also add charms, amulets, sacred verses, texts or images to the horseshoe.
Step 7: Other options to decorate the horseshoe is to add dried rose buds to invite love, cumin and caraway for fidelity, and phallic beads,etc.
Step 8: When this horseshoe is complete, hang it somewhere to remind you of your exciting future!

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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