Three Easy Love Spells

There are many requests for Love Spells. However, most of us do not know the reason may not come to visit us. Here are some ideas on how to attract love into your life.
1. Love cannot be bought by presenting those you love with expensive gifts
2. Love is energy that needs to be created internally before you can express it externally.
3. Love flows like a river and does not worry about the roadblocks. It rides over them all.
4. What we do in our life makes a big difference to the love that may or may not come into our life.
5. One big amoral or deceitful act can erase the love board for a very long time.
6. Love can only be attracted with Love.
Ok, so now that we have understood some of the rules by which Love happens, it is easy to find love in our life so long as we are honest, trustworthy and has a heart full of love.

Here are some Simple love spells that you have requested:

Someone Special Love Spell

For this spell, you will need a conjure (charm ) bag, pen and heart shaped piece of paper, one red silk bag, a lock of hair from the one you love, OR some threads from their clothing. Also needed are a lodestone, any love-drawing powder, a rose quartz, one pink candle and seven rose buds.

Step 1: Have a long, cleansing bath
Step 2: Sit down the Altar and meditate for some time
Step 3: Light the pink candle.
Step 4: Write your name and the name of your beloved together seven times on the heart-shaped paper.
Step 5: Now put the paper in the red silk bag. As you place each of the items , remember to visualize your goal.
Step 6: Add the hair and threads from clothing (Visualize)
Step 7: Now add the lodestone, love-drawing powder and the rose quartz. (Visualize)
Step 8: Now add the seven rose buds
Step 9: Holding the bag in your palms, strongly visualize what you wish to happen in your life. See it, believe it and live it.


Garlic Charm Spell

This spell is believed to inflame your heart with passion and also dominate your lover.
For this spell, you will need two garlic cloves, a steel nail and some red thread.

Step 1: Puncture the two garlic cloves and connect them with the steel nail so that the one that represents you is on the top.

Step 2: You may also use the red thread for some more reinforcement so that the garlic cloves will stay in position for a while.

Step 3: Now hide this charm in a dark place until the one you love shows some signs of affection.

Step 4: If the lower garlic sprouts, it is a good sign that your love has reached the person you love.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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