Three evil love spells

Sunrise Lover Spell

This spell is believed to bring your lover back at sunrise. This is usually worked by a woman whose husband or boyfriend has left her. Since this is done without the consent of the boyfriend, it is considered to be evil or negative.
Warning: This may bring negative results if you do not deserve his love.

Get some whole peppercorns and whole coriander seeds.
At sunset, burn them outside and let the smoke waft towards the east. Let a towel that you have used to clean your entire body flutter in the wind.  Turn to the East and petition that when the Sun returns the next day, your beloved will be home too. At sunrise, get up and repeat the spell.

Commanding doll spell

Make a doll with cloth and stuffing to represent your lover. Write your lover’s name on a piece of paper and attach it to the doll by sewing it or pinning it to the doll.
Anoint the doll with “Command and Compel Oil”. Place it on a piece of red silk cloth and sprinkle it with some “Come to me powder”.
Chant the following with gusto:
I command you, I compel you
I command you, I compel you
I’ve covered you with powder!
I command you, I compel you
I command you, I compel you
Hear my voice!
I command you, I compel you
I command you, I compel you
Return to me NOW!
This very instant, this very minute, this very HOUR!

Repeat for seven consecutive nights. After the seventh night, wrap the doll in red silk and keep it in a dark corner of your closet.

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