Three free break up spells

Commanding Doll Spell
This spell will enable your ex-lover to return to you. For this spell, you will need the following items:
A rag doll to represent your lover
Pen and paper, thread and needle
Command and Compel oil
Red silk or satin cloth
Come to Me powder
Step 1: Create a ragdoll which will represent your lover
Step 2: Write down the name of your lover on a piece of paper
Step 3: Now sew this label to the rag doll for the Universe to identify
Step 4: Now anoint the rag doll with Command and Compel oil
Step 5: Lay it on the red silk or satin cloth
Step 6: Sprinkle with “Come to Me Powder”
Step 7: Now sit in meditation and chant the following:
I command you, I compel you
I’ve covered you with powder
I command you, I compel you
Heed my Call!
I command you, I compel you
Return to me NOW!
Step 8: Sprinkle with “Come to Me Powder”
Step 9: Repeat this spell for three consecutive nights
Step 10: After the third day, wrap the doll in the silk cloth and hide it in a safe place where no one will find it.

The Moorish Charm Spell
This is an old Spanish spell when includes magical incantations. For this spell, you will need the following:
Caraway seeds, Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Mastic resin,
lime (burnt limestone) or oyster shell calcium tablets,
Verdigris (green coating that forms on brass or copper)
Myrrh resin
Dragon’s blood
Broom straw

Step 1: Gather all of the above materials and take them to a crossroads or a cemetery

Step 2: Make a small fire there.

Step 3: Throw each of the ingredients into the fire, tossing them one by one, while chanting:
“Oh magic “replace by name of item being tossed” bring him to me!
Oh magic coriander, blind him with love for me! and so on. When you have tossed all of the items into the fire, chant thus:
Oh magic broom, fly HIM to ME!

Wax Doll Summoning Spell
This spell will summon the one whom you are pining for. For this spell, you will need the following items:
Melted wax
Other items from your beloved such as sweat, saliva, nail cuttings, etc.
5 small needles
Powdered rosemary
Piece of paper with the lover’s handwriting
A fire proof bowl

Step 1: Make a wax image of your lover. Add the items such as saliva, nail cuttings, sweat, etc to make it more personal

Step 2: With one needle, prick your wedding ring finger and use this needle as a pen to write the lover’s name on the forehead of the wax figure. Write your name with the same pen over the heart of the wax figure.

Step 3: Using the four other needles, pierce the wax figure in the back, heart, head and groin while visualizing your lover aching with desire for you

Step 4: Sprinkle some powdered rosemary over the wax figure

Step 5: Create a small fire in the fireproof bowl with the paper which has your lover’s handwriting

Step 6: Burn the image in the fire

Step 7: When the fire is out, use your fingers or a wand to write your lover’s name in the ashes so that your lover will manifest in your reality.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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