Three Free Easy Witchcraft Spells

1. Lakshmi Good Luck Spell
Goddess Lakshmi is known for her generosity and benevolence. Billions of people pray and petition Goddess Lakshmi to increase their wealth and beauty and Goddess Lakshmi is believed to grant them what they need. If you wish to invite her into your home, bringing blessings of prosperity and wisdom, here is a spell you can do:

For this spell, you will need a holy basil plant also called Tulsi plant. It is available in many parts of the world. IF you do not have a holy basil, try to get regular basil plant or some of its leaves. If you cannot get basil, just make an image or Goddess Lakshmi or google her name and print out her portrait. Also needed are some sandalwood or jasmine incense,

Step 1: Place the basil plant or the picture of Goddess Lakshmi on your altar.

Step 2: Decorate with garlands, coins, conch shells, beads, flowers, etc.

Step 3: Light some sandalwood incense.

Step 4: Offer Goddess Lakshmi sweet candy (no chocolates!) milk, fruit, etc.

Step 5: Petition her as to what you desire.

2. Hazel Wishing Spell

This spell will enable you to create your dreams by wishing them into existence.

For this spell, you will need some hazel leaves or twigs of hazel, some thread for knotting,

Step 1: Using the thread, visualize your goals with every stich and weave the hazel leaves into a hat or garland.

Step 2: Wear the hat or garland and make your wishes to intensify your success.
3. Joss paper Wishing Spell

Using this spell, you may bring any or all of your wished to come true. This is made possible by the use of magickal Chinese magickal paper or Joss paper that has been around for hundreds of years. Of all the varieties of Josh paper that is prepared, the ones that are more powerful include the square ones with gold foil at the center.

For this spell, you will need the above mentioned Joss paper and sandalwood essential oil.
Step 1: Try to find the Joss paper with the gold foil at the center. If that is not possible, get any type of Joss paper. They are usually sold at Chinese or other Oriental stores.

Step 2: On a large ceramic plate, using a pen, write your wishes on the Joss paper.

Step 3: Now using a lighter or match set fire to the paper carefully watching the flames. If some of the paper is unlit, set it on fire again so that all of your wishes have been printed on the Universe.

Step 4: Now all of your wishes have been reduced to smoke and ash so that when your sincere wishes enter the atmosphere, they will be fulfilled.

Step 5: You may also drizzle sandalwood oil over your words and also use sandalwood incense for more power.

Step 6: Collect the ashes from the ceramic plate and take it outside so that you can scatter them out into the Universe.

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