Three Free Wiccan Spells

Rosemary Youth Spell

This spell is believed to be a 14th century formula that was concocted for Queen Isabel of Hungary. Although it was created as a remedy for the Queen’s crippling gout and rheumatism, her herbalist realized that this was a miraculous formula for everlasting beauty and youth.

For this spell, get the following items:
1 ounce orange blossom water
1 ounce rose water
1 ounce rosemary hydrosol
1 ounce infused water of vervain
Five drops essential oil of Rosemary
Four drops essential oil of may chang
Two drops essential oil of Hungarian Camomile
Two drops essential oil of spearmint
One drop of essential oil of neroli
8 fluid ounces of VODKA

Blend the Vodka with the distilled waters. Add the essential oil to it and store in an air-tight, sealed, bottle for six months. Every week, give this beauty potion a strong shake. This potion should not be ingested. It should be used only for a full body massage or a full-body rub.

Hungarian Healing Spell

Use this spell to remove any type of pain from your body. The afflicted person must be standing barefoot on the ground (bare Earth). Standing tall, chant thus:
I have two eyes.
I have two feet.
Pain from my goes to my feet!
Go from my feet,
Go into Earth!
Go from the Earth,
Go into Death!

Fire Divination

Divination is the method used in Witchcraft to determine future happenings. There are many methods of divination. One of the most ancient methods of divination is the Fire Reading method. Here is a spell that uses Fire reading.

Decide on the question that you need the answer to. Get a large piece of brown paper. Fold the paper accordion style. Using natural ink, write down your desires and choices on each fold of the fan. Now place the paper in a fireproof bowl and set it on fire. Visualize your goals deeply.

Light the paper only once. When the flame goes out, open up the paper and
analyze the remaining words to receive your answer.

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