Three real magic spells for beginners

Magickal energy radiates from everything and everyone around the world. Some things are considered more powerful than others. For example, Frankincense is considered holy by the Catholic church. In Witchcraft too, Frankincense is believed to permit greater access to the magickal power than many other botanicals.

Newcomers to Magick are advised to read up on books that will help them identify the more powerful of botanicals around us. Following are three magick spells that use various botanicals.

In these times of worldwide recession, it would be wonderful to have a fulltime job.

Get me a Job spell
The botanical Lemon Grass is believed to be a harbinger of good luck, love and prosperity. For this spell, you will need the following items:

Paper and pen
Magnetic sand
Orange candle
Lemon Grass Oil
Gold sparkles
Fire proof plate

STEP 1: On a new Moon day, get a copy of your resume (CV) and write long and detailed information about your dream job on the back of the resume.

STEP 2: Brush the CV with honey and sprinkle it with the magnetic sand.

STEP 3: Now fold the resume in half and then in half, continuing to fold it nine times.

STEP 4: Hold the orange candle in your hands and anoint it with the Lemon Grass Oil while you visualize how you would feel when you are working at that job.

STEP 5: Roll the candle in the gold sparkles.

STEP 6: Place the folded resume on the fire proof plate and put the candle on top of the resume (make sure that all of it is stable) and then burn the candle.

STEP 7: Sit down by the candle while it burns and visualize your life after you get the job.

Garlic Cleansing Spell

Once in a while, we find ourselves feeling like something is out of sorts in our home. It could happen when we have had a person we don’t like or when someone in our family is argumentative. This spell cleanses the home and allows joy and happiness to reign in your home. This spell uses Garlic, which is a powerful spiritual cleanser and motivator.

For this spell, we will need the following:
1 garlic clove
Incense burner or cast-iron pan
Brown sugar
Ground regular coffee

STEP 1: Crush the garlic with its peel.

STEP 2: Place it on the cast-iron pan or incense burner.

STEP 3: Blend the coffee with the brown sugar and sprinkle it all over the garlic. Set it alight.

STEP 4: Carrying the incense burner with the smoking incense, carefully walk through your entire home. This aroma will cleanse your home and get rid of all negative energy that may be lingering.

True Love Dream Spell
Saint Agnes is revered for her kindness to lovers. This spell will request St, Agnes to reveal your true love.
Gather the following items for this spell:

1 sprig of Thyme
1 sprig of Rosemary

STEP 1: Before going to bed, place the Thyme in one shoe and the Rosemary in the other shoe.

STEP 2: Place one shoe on either side of the bed. Just before you relax into sleep, chant:
Sweet St Agnes, to lovers so kind
Please ease my worried mind
Show me my true love while I sleep
Reveal to me the one with whom my heart will bind.

STEP 3: Do not speak until the next morning. During the night, you will have dreams and these dreams will reveal the identity of your true love. If you cannot remember dreams, repeat spell and write down everything you remember on a notepad as soon as you wake up. It is best that you do not change your position on the bed before you write everything down.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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