Three Things You Should Know About Witch Craft

Witchcraft is all about getting in touch with your spirit and creating magick through this power you were born with.  When you are upset, don’t depend on the outer world, but learn to depend on your own inner strength which originates from and is a part of the Universe.

3. Value everything

Witchcraft teaches us that we are all part of the same entity; this Universe which includes the Earth, other planets, the sky, Water, Wind and the entire cosmos! To hurt another is to hurt ourselves. To destroy a plant is to destroy our own food.

This way of life originated from the earliest human civilization which was created millions of years ago. No one knows for sure when the Earth was inhabited or how it came to being.  There may be many other Earths or planets similar to ours in the Universe and all Universes surrounding us.

For an astronaut seeing the Earth far away from space, what most impresses them is how small the Earth seems to be. And yet, in each corner of our Earth, people are fighting each other and for what? People fight with other individuals, families fight with each other, cities fight about water and other resources, countries fight each other for oil, revenge and other nonsensical reasons.

Do we realize that we could be just one meteor away from total destruction?
2000, 2012 and whatnot, many “end of the world” theories have been propounded by religious enthusiasts and ancient hypotheses.  However, what we need to remember is that every second of the day is precious and that we are not guaranteed anything in life. Being kind to each other and loving each other as kindred spirits will help our short existence on this Earth infinitely blissful.

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