Three things you should know about black magic

2. Price
What exactly do you do to get what you want? Are you willing to steal, maim or kill someone to get your desires? Of course, everyone knows that this type of behavior will bring only one result – sorrow. How about the situation where your mother is sick and you make chicken soup for her? Do you see that your desire (source) to help your mother resulted in the death of the chicken, an innocent creature which, by the way, has a similar goal as us to live out its life in peace? It is very difficult to decide if our actions hurt others, right? It’s very true indeed. If we treat all animate and inanimate things on Earth as equal to us humans, it is easy to wonder if our actions are benevolent or malevolent to the other co-habitants on Earth.

When the Earth was young and humans appeared on isolated parts of the planet, we didn’t have countries, governments or businesses. Now, it is a race to make the most money anyone can in a lifetime. We cannot take all this money with us when we die. Why then do we destroy the environment and join the rat race in order to have more things than our neighbors?

3.    Result

To decide if we are indeed dabbling in black magic, just look at the effect of our actions. When an oil rig bursts and the Ocean is filled with muck, thousands of animals are killed needlessly. When the oil company decides to put an offshore rig, whom do they ask permission from? Not the animals that share the Ocean or the fishermen whose lives depend on it. They are in such a hurry that they forget who gets hurt when things go well as well as when things don’t go so well. What can we do to the animals and humans who are affected by manmade disasters?  Who takes the blame? How can we nullify the effects of such tragedies?

Black magick did not originate in Africa as some ignorant folks think. It is everywhere, in the hearts of all humans who hoard food, money and land. Black magick is the reason why we have atom bombs, wars, religious fanaticism and dictators. It is the cause of people dying in some countries due to lack of food while in other countries they throw out so much food everyday that there are not enough landfills to take all our waste products!

As you can see, it is up to each of us to think through all of our decisions and make sure that we don’t hurt another animals, human or thing, today, tomorrow and in the future.

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