The Traditional Witchcraft “3 Degrees”

Your Witchcraft Goals (And The Three Degrees)

Before you resume (or begin) your work in Magick and Traditional Witchcraft, it is important to have goals to reach. Without goals, it is very easy to get off the path and never experience your full power when working with Magick energies.

The goals have been split into 3 levels. You don’t have to complete the levels in order, and can work on many different goals at the same time (all on different levels).

I will show you exactly how to reach some of the goals on this site – and I show you in detail (with step by step manuals, video demonstrations, and voice interviews) how to reach all of the goals in my Home Academy.

Every one of these goals that you complete will increase your power when working with Magick spells.

I want you to print these out and put them in your Book of Shadows (if you don’t have a Book of Shadows, I will tell you how to get one – or make one – later in this book.

As you complete them, check them off so you know they are accomplished.

First Degree

- Know and accept the basic Laws and tenets of the traditional witchcraft path.
- To be sincerely dedicated to walking my path in harmony and in balance with nature, with beings of this plane and others, and with all that is around me with full awareness and acceptance of the responsibilities that entails.
- Successfully cast 1 basic “love spell” to open the path for love in your life or someone elses. (If you already have love, you can cast one to reinforce the bond between you, or cast one for the love of a friend)
- To be able to ground myself and call and hold my personal power, connect to the essence within ritual in a balanced way, and quiet my mind to focus.
- Successfully cast 1 basic “money spell” or “success spell”
- To be able to enter the altered state of higher awareness needed for working with magick.
- To be able to fell, sense, and connect to the power flows around me and channel it for magickal purposes.
- Sucessfully cast 1 basic “protection spell” to protect yourself, your loved ones, or even your home.
- To be familiar with the Elements and other basic principles involved with working magick, and can tap into those energies for simple magickal tasks.
- To develop and know how to cast (by heart) a circle for different purposes.
- To know by heart how to call in the Elements, the Watchtowers, or whatever protective Guardians I use.
- To know my daily devotions by heart.
- To be able to raise and send energy in ritual.
- To keep an on-going magickal journal for a full year.
- To be able to identify if a magick circle has been cast by someone else.
- To initiate myself in my path and follow the vows of my initiation.

You can get the second and third degrees for traditional witches here.

Rose Ariadne: Providing “Magickal” answers to your Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft spell casting questions since 2006.

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