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Called the “Meditative Cat”, this is a positive, playful and fun site which will appeal to the young, the young at heart and cat lovers alike. Catanna, whose site this is, dedicated an entire section of ‘Meditative Cat’ to Love spells. She covers the lore of Valentine’s Day, offers some love advice and provides a couple of really good spells.

The spells cover:
1. Attracting the perfect lover
2. Beauty Spell (of course that is necessary)
3. Spell to prepare for a love meeting
4. Charms to ease the pain of divorce / breaking up.

Catanna offers correspondences, chants, ingredients and everything necessary to cast an effective spell. Take the time to pop in at this delightful and charming site.

‘Witch’s Brew’ is an old favorite of mine. It is an extensive Wicca resource site which contains everything ‘witchy’ and wonderful. The love Magick section offers a variety of gypsy Magick spells from Raymond Buckland’s collection.

These include:
1. Good Riddance!
2. How to Attract a Lover
3. Key to the Heart
4. The Love Pendulum
5. Red for Love
6. The Revealing Peel
7. To Bring Out the Love of Another
8. To Draw a Lover to You
9. To Make Yourself Known to Another
10. To Rid Yourself of an Unwanted Lover
11. River of Dreams
12. Unlucky Days
13. Wedding Day

What is particularly great about Witch’s Brew, is that you can communicate with Lady Morgan in the chat room about spell work and anything else you may want to know before casting your spell. So, if you are intrigued by all things Gypsy and need some help in the Love Department, then these are the right spells for you.

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