How to Use Magic Potions Wisely

Several books have been written on the art of kitchen witchery, the practice of making consumable goods that are charged with magic.

In the fantasy tradition, magic potions have eye of newt or toad’s breath or equally disgusting sounding concoctions and have some sort of visible and usually hideous effect. One again, that kind of gross over exaggeration is not the way real magic potions work and they are very unlikely to show an immediate tangible result.

Instead, most modern potions are forms of self-improvement or on occasion and with permission, the improvement of others. The key here to understanding the use of magic potions is that like all magic, some of the power comes from the belief that it will work. In others, like a chicken soup enhanced with herbs for health, the magic comes both from the energy and love we put into it and the innate ability of the herbs.

If you are interested in using magick potions, there are numerous ones available for use on the Internet or in books that can be borrowed from your local library. It is important that you respect the power of magick potions and use them wisely, though. Many potions can be created using basic ingredients form your kitchen cabinet. And there are even those that take the form of soup, for those who are interested in practicing their kitchen witchery.

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