Voodoo Love Magick

Here is a love spell from the Voodoo/Hoodoo tradition. This is worked to attract true love into your life.

One Red candle

Blunt knife to carve candle

One bottle of oil or perfume that reminds you of the one you love

One piece of red yarn about 9 inches long

Optional – Anything small that belongs to the person you wish to attract such as nail clipping, hair, etc.

On a night when the moon is in a waxing phase, take long, aromatic bath.

Sit at the altar for a while and quietly meditate on your longing for this person. With the knife, carve the name of the person on the candle. If you have any nail clippings or hair, make a small hole in the side of the candle and put the items in it, cover the hole with wax.

Now take a few drops of the perfume or essence that reminds you of your love. Holding the candle in the middle, anoint with downward strokes from the middle. Imagine that you are stroking your beloved. After you have anointed the lower portion of the candle, hold the candle in the middle and anoint from middle to top of the candle.

Slowly and with deep concentration, think of your ecstasy when you finally get together and become one.

Light the candle and sit in deep concentration. Take the red yarn and holding the ends together make a knot. While tying the knot, chant:

I bind this knot to bring me “name‘s” love.

(Replace with name of the person you love)

Check if the thread can now be worn as a bracelet. If it is too large, make another knot while chanting the above. Repeat until you have a simple yarn bracelet.

When the candle has burnt out, you can bury the remainder of the wax underground. Wear the bracelet every day until your love comes to you.

Brightest Blessings!

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