What is advanced candle magick?

5.    Candles come in many shapes including that of animals, cross, devil, humans, skulls, witch, seven knob, etc. Each is suited for a different purpose.

6.    Double action candles are those that have two colors and triple action candles have three colors. Reverse action candles are red in color but coated with black wax. These candles are usually used to reverse spells.

7.    There are seven day candles that may be used over a period of seven days. There are also candles such as Gambling Luck candles with images of cards, dice etc on its sleeve, Uncrossing candle, Bend over candle, etc.

8.    When the candle is burning, the weird shapes made by its wax are used for divination.

As you can see, candle magick has come a long way since the time when people had few ways to use the Fire power in their spell working. Thanks to advanced candle magick, there are thousands of ways to use fire power to boost our magickal workings.

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